3 Things Your Car Hates During Spring

One of the all-time favorite seasons for many people is Spring. Everything comes back to life after the cold slowly fades away. As the flowers begin to bloom and green leaves start to emerge from the trees, everyone comes outside to enjoy picnics, go swimming, and play softball. While this can be a happy time for many people, it brings some concerns to car owners. Before Spring officially takes over, you need to get ready to protect your car. Here are three things to keep off your car during spring:

Bird Droppings

As the weather gets warmer, birds will begin to come out of their nests and into the air, chirping and flying around. Although they provide a lovely springtime melody, they are also more likely to bombard your car with their droppings. If you usually park your vehicle under a tree, there is a high chance it will end up being covered in white splatters. No matter how much you love your car, it will not be so pleasant to look at.

That is not the only thing that you should be worried about. Bird droppings often contain seed and berry residue as well as uric acid. When left on your vehicle for too long, they can discolor the paint and ruin the clear coat finish. Once the sun bakes the bird droppings, your car will have disgusting stains all over the surface. Removing dried bird droppings is a time-consuming process to restore the finish of your car. To reduce your workload, and protect your car’s finish, wipe bird droppings off with a damp cloth as soon as you spot them.


We all know that Spring is the season of pollen allergies. However, humans are not the only targets of pollen. These particles can also attack your car. Since pollen particles are so tiny, it is hard to see them on your vehicle. Once they stick onto your car’s surface, they can damage the paint.

These particles can make their way to the small pores in the paint’s finish and ruin it by releasing acid. You might not notice this if the problem is not that serious. However, this can be costly if the issue is on a large scale. Who could have thought that small pollen particles can cause staining, fading, and oxidation? You can prevent this from happening by washing and soaping your vehicle once a week. Soap will get rid of pollen and block the activation of acid.

Bug Splatters

Birds aren’t the only creatures coming out during spring. Bugs will begin to fly around as well and these poor little creatures usually do not know where they are going. This is why most of them end up being splattered on your windshield and the front of your car. The longer you leave bug juices on your vehicle, the more damage that will be done to your paint. If the splatters get baked in the sun, the rate at which the acid ruins your car’s paint can be accelerated. Wash off bugs as soon as possible with soap and water to protect your paint job and keep your car looking great.

Spring can be a lovely season for many people. However, it comes with a certain set of risks for your vehicle. Make sure you know how to protect your car. Otherwise, you will be spending a considerable amount of time and money on the repair.

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