6 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean & Organized

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How much time do you spend in your car?  Probably a lot!  And somehow it ends up filled with clutter.  Can you imagine the danger, not to mention the mess, if you were in an accident?

A clean car is not only safer but makes a better impression.

Here are some tips to keep your car cleaning and more organized.

  1. Don’t store items in the car.  Your car is not a storage bin. Yet, it’s easy to leave items there.  Kids’ jackets, papers, and more end up everywhere. Bring everything in the house where it belongs.  It also reduces the likelihood your car will be broken into.  Thieves looking for purses or laptops will pass you by.
  2. Organize items in your car.  Some things do belong in the car.  Keep important papers in the glove box, store road-trip DVDs in the console, and purchase organization items for the car for whatever items you deem belong there.  And don’t forget a trash bag or bin to keep the car tidy.
  3. Empty the trash. A trash bin in the car is a great item (see item 2), but don’t forget to empty the trash!  Receipts and wrappers seem to gather in a vehicle.  A great time to empty the trash is when you’re pumping gas.  Take those extra minutes waiting for your fill-up to clean the trash out of your car.
  4. Clean out the trunk. What’s in your trunk? It can be surprising.  Only put items in your trunk that belong there, like safety items, car maintenance items, etc. (link to Winter Car Care Kit blog).
  5. Schedule routine cleaning.  Keeping your car organized is a habit.  So if you have a routine cleaning day (say every Saturday or the first Saturday of the month) you’re more likely to keep it clean.
  6. Get it detailed.  Having a professional cleaning (inside and out) can be a big motivator to get the stuff out of your car prior to the detailing; and to keeping your car clean after it’s detailed. Invest in a clean-up and then keep it clean.

Your car’s cleanliness says something about your personal organization.  Clean out your car today, and have a more enjoyable ride.  Need a detail?  Give us a call.

Kelly Keith