Staying alert during rush hour

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Staying alert at all times is a major part of avoiding accidents no matter what time of year it is. We’ve heard it plenty of times to look both ways before crossing lanes, but rush hour traffic can get a bit tricky with so many vehicles trying to quickly make it to their destination.

The fast lane has been used for cruising past traffic in hopes of getting around faster. But did you know that state troopers and police officers most often observe the fast lane? Driving instead in the middle and right lane allows you to quickly pull over in case of emergency. Can you imagine having to quickly shift all the way to the right from the fast lane if an accident were to occur?

Another thing to keep in mind is to not only look at the car in front of you but also two cars ahead of you. Being aware of what others are doing from all angles is key to quickly protecting yourself and your vehicle. Blind spots are a constant issue as well during rush hour. How many times have you gone to switch lanes and realized there was a vehicle right beside you? Be sure to turn and look directly into the next lane before switching lanes.

Making sure that you are clear from all sides during rush hour can be overwhelming. But just remember, should you run into any problems, be sure to call us at M3 Collision or visit one of our three locations in Monmouth County, New Jersey. We’ll give you some peace of mind and we’ll return your car looking brand new. Continue to follow us on Facebook @M3CollisionCenter for latest tips and information on accident prevention.

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